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Our Exceptional Reputation Is Rooted In Our Years Of Commitment To Excellence.

If you consider replacing or repairing your roof, there are actually a lot of questions that you must ask yourself. A reliable and dependable roofing contractor will help you decide the best for your home. You have to consider the condition of the roofing components, the age of the current roof and the plan of selling your house in the future.

Before you ever consider a minor repair, let the Roofs Direct examine the roof structure that will help determine potential problems. Also, look for possible water intrusion or gaps around. There may also be some signs of roof damage like damaged flashing and buckling shingles.

Only a Minneapolis Roof Repair can determine the extent of roof problems. Our company has been in the business of repairing roof leaks in the area. If there is already a leak in your roof, we will fix and find it with the best materials and superior workmanship that we are known for.

In the Asphalt Roofing Repair, we basically utilize materials that complement your existing roof in Minnesota. These will outlast the life of your roof systematically and structurally. Our roofers will handle and manage a wide range of roofing materials and systems such as metal, tile, shingle, TPO membrane, modified bitumen, rubber membrane.

Roofs Direct is known to be a reliable, high-quality and honest roofing contractor. Clients have been impressed with the attention to detail, quality workmanship and competitive pricing. These are among the reasons why they recommend us to neighbors.

Insurance companies have also recommended us to different clients. They basically understand that we perform only durable, complete and long-lasting roof leak repair at a fair price. There is no need to look for other roofing companies for roofing repairs. From shingle repairs to chimney leaks, our professionals have the expertise and the experience in handling all roofing needs efficiently and effectively.

We stand true to our concern of providing you only with the best and quality roofing work at the most affordable price. Now, if you really want your roof to be the main defense against any possible elements, let us repair it immediately.

Our roofing repairs will be the most valuable tool to protect your home against sleet, snow and rain. We are a go-to-source for roof repair and preventative maintenance. We also have the technical know-how to resolve your repair problems. We are an expert in the repair of any damage brought by obvious sources like hail, ice dams, wind, snow and climate perils.

If your roof has a leak or has been damaged, it is essential to maximize time to minimize any damage to the interior or substrate. From the beginning of assessment to repair, our specialists will be available twenty-four hours to offer you the fastest roofing repairs possible. If your roof has suffered from storm damage, let us handle the repair project efficiently, quickly and competitively.

Insured, bonded and licensed, the Roofs Direct is a Minneapolis Roofer that can be trusted for your roofing project!

Roofs Direct

Our Exceptional Reputation Is Rooted In Our Years Of Commitment To Excellence.